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Meet Guerry

Surfer. PhD (Chemical Engineering). He’s surfed the world’s meccas — Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica, and Japan. In fact, life for Guerry might have been one long (part-time) endless summer if it hadn’t been for three events that led him to create 3rd Rock—and change sunscreen history forever.

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  • "It’s practically impossible to find sunblock that’s aluminum free. Aluminum in high amounts builds up in the brain and can cause problems, so I try to avoid it whenever possible. I really appreciate this brand providing an aluminum free option :)"

    - Fiona

  • "I love that it doesn't have poisons like the rest. I love that this one can be put on my lips too. Plus it goes on clear:-). And it lasts a long time. This is my 2nd bottle."

    - Donald

  • "We were recommended this product by a natural health professional. Following extensive research on the safety of ingredients in many sunscreen products, this one comes out on top!"

    - Zannie

  • "I have very sensitive skin and normally sun screen brings me out in a rash, so this was a gamble. It has paid off. No rash and the cream makes the skin very soft. It does have a slight medical smell but that soon fades."

    - Gill

  • "I had a lingering sinus infection and you cant use triple antibiotic ointment in your sinuses for any extended period so I tried this. Much to my satisfaction the sinus issue cleared up in a few days after coating the inside of my nasal passages well with Nutrasporin."

    - Buzz

  • "I ordered this and had it for three days when another CS (cold sore) tried to come up right in the middle of my chin. I rubbed a tiny amount of this on as soon as I felt the tingle. Repeated 2 - 3 times a day. Was still tender for a couple days but it did not get any worse. Within 3 days, GONE! It's a bit pricey, but for my use it will last a very long time."

    - GS