3rd Rock Essentials Founder Guerry Grune on The DNA TALKS Podcast Episode #21: Uncovering the Truth About Sunscreen
Here's a fact for everyone on Earth:
Sun exposure leads to skin damage and this can eventually lead to a greater risk of skin cancer. 
That being said, is sunscreen enough to combat the ultraviolet rays of the sun?
In this episode, Guerry Grune PhD.,  shares how his life might have been one long endless summer if it hadn’t been for three events that led him to create 3rd Rock—and change sunscreen history forever.
Guerry expresses how he sought after a formula that guaranteed full, long-lasting protection from UVA and UVB rays without endocrine disruptors or other toxic ingredients. But even that wasn’t enough. He wanted a product that was good for the ocean and good for the skin — to make skin healthier, younger, stronger. 
Join 3rd Rock Essentials CEo & Founder, Guerry Grune, as he tells the real truth about sunscreen science on The DNA TALKS podcast Episode #21: Uncovering the Truth About Sunscreen
Here are the highlights for this episode:

00:00 Introduction
02:31 Background of Dr. Guerry Grune
08:45 The Truth About SPF and Overexposure
12:59 Glycerin-based SPF and How it Differs from Other Sunscreen
17:23 UVA and UVB Light Explained
 20:23 The Truth About SPF 50 and Beyond
24:40 Alcohol Based Sunscreen and A False Sense of Security
25:45 Neutrolene and Silver Oxide
32:04 Functions of Sliver
40:07 Neosporin and Nutrasporin
43:27 3rd Rock Essentials and Dealing with Other Health Implications
We know that many of you will enjoy this conversation. You've heard parts of Guerry's story and a lot of info about our products, but our friend Kashif asked a lot of great questions!

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