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We're on a mission to supply people throughout the world with an alternative to toxic products produced by the modern-day, Big-Business, Corporate model. People and planet come first at 3rd Rock. 100% Natural. 100% Goodness.

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Our Products

To introduce you to our line of personal care products that really care, we happily offer you a special Sixty For 60 discount. For the first sixty days, you can shop our store as often as you like and get 60% off the retail price for every product, any quantity. Buy 'em. Try 'em. Test 'em. Put 'em through the paces.

We know businesses like yours are the backbone of the alternative health care system and, in a sense, the backbone of the country. When you come to know 3rd Rock products are completely free of toxins and use only natural, food-grade ingredients not chemicals from a lab to nourish our families rather than feed Big Pharma, we're gonna be an unstoppable team.

Our Business Model

We believe in doing honest business with honest people. It’s the only way we do business, so we love partners like you—main-street, grassroots, community-focused, health-based—that help us advance our mission. Collectively, we are David and together we’ll run circles around Goliath serving an ever-growing healthy-horde in search of better, healthier alternatives to the toxic and destructive products that have flooded households because of a profit-first, people and planet second mentality. 

We’re leveraging ecommerce technology in innovative ways to reduce our costs, increase your profits, and eliminate dependence on traditional and expensive 3rd-party distribution. Simply order on our website and, at checkout, use the custom wholesale code you create during registration.