Q: Why does 3rd Rock Sunblock™ feel different than typical sunscreens?

A: Our non-toxic product is completely different than any other sunscreen on the market. One reason is that unlike all the rest that are 70% water-based (causing evaporation once put on your skin), 3rd Rock's formulations are 70% organic kosher vegetable glycerine-based, allowing for absorption of water from the atmosphere. This changes everything with respect to how you should apply our product to your skin -- your body's largest organ. For the best sunscreen experience and UVA protection on the planet:

Please shake bottle and squeeze a small amount, up to a quarter size onto your hand -- With our sunscreen, a little goes a long, long way. DO NOT LATHER ON!

Rub between your hands to warm it up to body temperature -- This will allow for proper spreading.

Spread a thin uniform coat; work our sunscreen lotion onto one portion of your skin at a time.

Q: Why is the sunscreen so thick?

A: Our sunscreen is a glycerin-based product, which makes the sunscreen seem much thicker. However, a small amount of the sunscreen can go a long way. You do not need to apply the same amount of our sunscreen as you would with other sunscreens.

Q: Can the products be used on infants?

A: Yes, all of 3rd Rock Essentials products are completely safe to use on infants.

Q: If the infant sunscreen gets in my child's eyes, will it make them tear up or irritate them?

A: Everything that gets into the eyes will "irritate" your eyes, so to say our product will not irritate the eyes would not be completely true. However, our products are alkaline not acidic, which means if it does happen to get into the eye, it won’t burn the eye continuously. There may be a slight sting, but there won't be a continuous burn like you may experience from some other mainstream products. The Zinc Oxide will irritate your eyes (like sand could), but we have chelated our zinc oxide, so the initial irritation will subside. Our sunscreen is also chelated with amino acids, which are biocompatible with bodily fluids including ocular fluids.

Q: What is the difference between the infant sunscreen and adult sunscreen?

A: There is no main difference between the two sunscreens besides a slightly whiter look so that parents can see where they have applied the sunscreen on their children. We use the same ingredients for both sunscreens and are safe for all ages.

Q: Why is there no expiration date?

A: 3rd Rock Essentials' products are made with a glycerin base whereas most other products are made with a water & oil base. Therefore, our products should not separate or lose their efficacy.

Regulations require all sunscreens and other nonprescription drugs to have an expiration date unless stability testing conducted by the manufacturer has shown that the product will remain stable for at least three years. 

Q: Do you use nano zinc oxide?

A: No, 3rd Rock Essentials products are solely made with micronized zinc oxide, not nano zinc oxide. 

Q: Do you perform tests on animals?

A: Absolutely not. 3rd Rock Essentials has a Leaping Bunny certification which provides surety that we meet the standards of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) and PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies certification for maintaining cruelty-free standards for all our ingredients.