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Our patented chelated silver oxide complex is not colloidal silver. Our chelated silver oxide allows for better bioavailability and better biocompatibility so that the body's cells will more readily absorb our chelated silver oxide without affecting the benefits from helpful prebiotics and probiotics. 

Health Benefits

  • Wipes out infectious bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus
  • Wipes out urinary tract infections and keeps them from coming back
  • Does not allow bacteria to grow and die which reduces or eliminates odors
  • By ingestion, keeps your gut free from infectious bacteria which enhances your body’s immune system
  • The immediate antidote for food poisoning 

Our Science:

The secret behind our chelated silver oxide?

Our chelated silver oxide is chelated (a mild reaction) with amino acids which changes the molecular structure of the silver oxide molecules. 

Our Silver Excelsior Serum and Silver Infusion Tonic is the very best silver in the world. This blog post tells why our patented Chelated Silver Oxide is different and unique in the silver world compared to common, run-of-the-mill ‘colloidal silver’.

Colloidal silver oxides are inorganic particles in solution (water) which have no bioavailability or biocompatibility with biological cells.  These colloidal silver particles do not attach to the cell walls and do not stay attached to the cells because they are inorganic molecules.

Our chelated silver oxide binds with human, animal, and plant cells as our silver oxide molecules are organic.  This means that our chelated silver oxide acts immediately on or within any portion of the human body that is experiencing issues with infectious bacteria, mold, mildew and/or fungus. 

That’s the 3rd Rock advantage!


Silver ExcelsiorREVIEWS

  • Chelated Silver Oxide Complex (4000 ppm)
  • Kosher USP Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerine

Cruelty-Free / Vegan

For the Silver InfusionREVIEWS

  • Chelated Silver Oxide Complex (150 ppm)
  • Kosher USP Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerine
  • Distilled Water

    Cruelty-Free / Vegan