Get Some 3rd Rock Silver for Your Quiver

"It is quality rather than quantity that matters."
(Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Four tires and an engine doesn’t make your Toyota Corolla a Porsche. Scranton, PA is not New York City. Any old portrait ain’t The Mona Lisa.

And comparing ‘colloidal silver’ to 3rd Rock’s Chelated Silver Oxide is doodles to Da Vinci.

See, what most brands pass off as health-benefit silver is run-of-the-mill ‘colloidal silver’—nano-sized silver particles suspended in water that, when ingested, don’t attach to cell walls and flush out of your system rapidly, similar to Vitamin C or other supplements. There’s little benefit beyond placebo… you’re essentially paying for expensive urine.

3rd Rock’s patented Chelated Silver Oxide is different, unique in the silver world, and the highest quality health-benefit silver out there. Containing amino acids, citrates, and kosher vegetable USP grade glycerin, our silver sticks to and penetrates cell walls—delivering silver oxide straight to cells to bolster their fight against infectious bacteria.

Our scientists want us to pump up the ‘bioavailability’ and ‘bioabsorbability’ of our silver, meaning you don’t have to use too much to feel lasting benefits, but those are big words for a blog. So, I’ll just say: “A chelated cell is an elated cell.”

And when our cells are happy—when our cells are free of infectious bacteria—we are happy.  

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