Guerry Grune Discusses USA Today Article on Lagging Approval for Sunscreen Actives

Is the US Promoting Antiquated Sunscreen Science?

Here's an article on sunscreen from USA Today that you've got to read.

As stated in the article Why the US is behind on sunscreen*, "At issue is not just whether people are using enough sunscreen, but what ingredients are in it."

Many other countries, like the EU, Australia, Japan and Korea, have advanced their sunscreen markets by approving new and improved active ingredients for sunscreen, along with lists of ingredients that are no longer acceptable to be used. 

But in the USA, there have been no updates to the approved list of sunscreen actives since the 1970's.  Many NEW actives have been submitted to the FDA for approval more than 20 years ago, and are still waiting. Wait... WHAT!?

Yes, you are still using your "Grandma's (or Mom's) sunscreen", and studies have shown that American sunscreen does not meet the rigorous standards of these other countries. All this is because of a law from 1938 that requires animal testing (we use humans) and sunscreen in the US to be classified as a drug by the FDA. Yep...A DRUG!

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*Original article: "Why the US is behind on sunscreen", Michael Scaturro, KFF Health News, USA Today, Published May 17, 2024.
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