3rd Rock Lives to Thrive

3rd Rock Lives to Thrive

3rd Rock is road tripping to Portland, Oregon to spread our message of using only food-grade edible ingredients straight from Mother Earth at Thrive: the 13th Annual Nutritional Therapy Association Conference. 

“We're excited about this event,” says 3rd Rock Essentials founder Guerry Grune. “A lot of smart caring people will be there, and we look forward to adding to the momentum we have built with our line of all-natural personal care products.” “I’ll have a chance to speak on a panel discussion while there and look forward to meeting those in attendance”

The conference, which takes place February 28th-March 1st, at the Portland Downtown Hilton Hotel aims to transform lives by shifting the outlook of health, equipping their graduates with real-world knowledge of how to tap into the body’s and the world’s innate healing abilities.

This year’s theme, Thrive, encourages moving beyond mere day-to-day ‘survival’ and into the realm of fulfillment and achievement. The topics of thriving personally, thriving professionally, and thriving as a community hit home with 3rd Rock’s core beliefs—so we decided to take our show on the road and see how he can help out the folks in the Pacific Northwest. 

This event is part of 3rd Rock Essentials larger mission as we continue to expand our healing-power to all neighborhoods across our nation.

“Everyone who tries our products likes them, feels them working,” CEO Matt Gersper states. “It’s just a matter of continuing to get our ointments, tonics, and sprays into new communities. It’s fun to fan the flame. . . and get more people riding the 3rd Rock Wave.”

 For more information about the conference, or to apply for attendance, click here.

See you in Portland.



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