3rd Rock SunBlock Sunscreen and Our Altruistic Origin Story

3rd Rock SunBlock Sunscreen and Our Altruistic Origin Story

"Common sense is not so common."

3rd Rock founder, Guerry Grune, started this company to help a few friends.

Yeah, Guerry’s a Professor at Duke, has a bunch of degrees, is a patent expert, and can talk natural-science like Coach K can talk basketball—but, at heart, he’s a surfer.

He’s chased the perfect wave. He’s surfed the world’s meccas. He’s been barreled. He’s found the flow of the ocean and the freedom of the ride.

But years ago, he also found out his youngest surfer buddy had skin cancer—at the age of 23. This hit Guerry. Hard. But he didn’t wallow. He didn’t pout in a pool of helplessness. He did something.

He created the best sunblock on Earth. No joke, his patent —3rd Rock’s patent—is the only product offering a chelated zinc oxide which is both formulation and UV stabile. Not Coppertone. Not Banana Boat. 3rd Rock.  

Oh, and this highest functioning, most protective mineral sunscreen available to you and your family is also the world’s healthiest. No toxins. No harmful chemicals. No cancer-causing particles to slab all over your skin as you try to avoid cancer. Only food-grade edible ingredients that are safe enough to eat. His motto is “if it isn’t safe enough to put in your mouth why would you put it on your skin?” – Think about it – your skin is your biggest organ and covers your entire body – the stuff you put on your skin should be just as safe as what you ingest.  Your skin absorbs everything you rub on it.

3rd Rock is all about the third rock from the sun. We’re all about earth-derived ingredients so safe you can eat ‘em. Heathy for human and earth and ocean. So natural and so good that our sunblock not only doesn’t destroy coral reefs like the big guys’ sunscreen—it actually ‘Feeds the Reefs’, replenishing coral ecosystems.

Our nutrient-rich formula is so good that Nemo and Dory stopped by the other day. Flipper may swim over for a cappuccino next week. 

So, in the name of earth and health and friendship, throw out your old sunscreen and give 3rd Rock SunBlock Sunscreen a try. Dory can’t stop talking about it.

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