Benefits of 3rd Rock's Chelated Silver Technology in Nutrasporin

What are the benefits of chelated silver?

Colloidal silver is silver oxide particles (nano sized normally) that are suspended in solution and when taken orally will not attach to cell walls and thus be flushed out of your system rather quickly (similar to taking vitamin C).  

In contrast, 3rd Rock's innovative and patented chelated silver oxide in Nutrasporin  contains amino acids and citrates that will stick to and penetrate cell walls.  This effectively delivers the silver oxide to cells within the body that are in need of treatment for infectious bacteria. 

The beneficial effects of chelated silver will last much longer as the cells will carry the silver oxide longer.  This will allow you to take small quantities and low concentrations (75-100 ppm) which are proven to be more effective than any of the colloidal silver products at higher concentrations!

3rd Rock's chelated silver technology is used in Nutrasporin, RashBlock, OdorBlock, Silver Infusion 150 Water and more.

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