Diet Coke is Not Good for You

Diet Coke is Not Good for You

Diet Coke is Not Good for You: Neither is your old sunscreen, that petroleum jelly in the cabinet, or those triple antibiotic ointments that society tells you are.

At 3rd Rock Essentials we make the world’s healthiest and most functional personal care products because we want to help the world function better and become healthier.

We use only food-grade edible ingredients straight from Mother Earth to You. We believe that if you would not put a body product in your mouth, then you should not put it on your skin. . . your body’s largest organ

We believe that the toxins and chemicals slabbed into the Big Guy’s personal care products (and into those pseudo-natural companies that keep springing up) are not good for you. We know that the science backs us—as do mothers and fathers and sons and daughters across America. 

We were founded by a surfer with a PhD who teaches at Duke. Our CEO came out of retirement to lead us because he felt called to do so.

Our team consists of folks from all over the United States who took the job only after trying 3rd Rock’s Sunblock®, Nutrasporin®, Silver Excelsior Serum, and every other healing tonic and ointment in the line—and we came on board only after we became believers ourselves.

And we are here to stay. 

From our Founder and CEO right on down to our Internet Guys and the Creative Team, 3rd Rock Essentials is proud to ride the wave of natural health.

And we encourage you to join us. We encourage you to stop putting chemicals and toxins on your skin, on the skin of your friends, and on the skin of your loved ones.

We encourage you to give our products a try. We encourage you to say, “I am done putting bad things into my body because I wish to put only good things into my body.”

We encourage you to hop on the 3rd Rock wave—for an eye-opening ride of natural healing.

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