Endocrine Disruptors - The Real Scoop
The Endocrine Disrupters we all hear about are actually female mimicking hormones.  The most prevalent is "the pill" taken by women to guard against pregnancy or use to moderate their menstrual cycle.  Soy contains genistein which is a naturally occurring phytoestrogen, also a known female mimicking hormone.  The development of man-made synthetic organic chemicals has led to the use of "active"compounds such as methoxy cinnamate, avobenzone, and benzophenone for sunscreens.  Inactive compounds such as parabens, BPA (bis-phenol A) and soy-based emulsifiers including lecithin are prevalent in shampoos, shaving creams, hair conditioners, cosmetics, and as liners for canned goods. These are also all known endocrine disrupters aka female mimicking hormones.
Female hormone imbalances are now found in insects, birds, and fish. These substances are in our air we breathe and the water we all drink.  It's only logical to think that this hormonal imbalance affects humans.
Here at 3rd Rock understand that creating hormonal imbalances by using products that contain female mimicking hormones is not a wise decision for men or women.  Drops in fertility rates and changes in sexual habits and desire for men, possible links to breast cancer (for men as well as women these days), as well as possible links to other afflictions caused by these manmade hormonal imbalances are being reported in the literature almost on a weekly basis.
In response to these facts, 3rd Rock is doing its part to guarantee that none of our products contain any endocrine disrupters.  We are the first and only personal care company to have begun this revolution over 10 years ago and in fact patented our sunscreen formulations.  This fact and our study was published in an article in the Journal of Toxicology in March 2005. Find another sun-care or skin care company that has provided anything close................there is not one !!!
So, we all have choices about what we eat, drink, and put on our skin.  The skin absorbs what you put on it - it's our body's largest organ.  
After all, as our founder always says - if you wouldn't put in your mouth, why would you put in on your skin?
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