Glycerin vs Petroleum for Safe Skin Care

Glycerin vs Petroleum for Safe Skin Care

At 3rd Rock we have developed patented alternatives to petroleum based products by using organic Kosher vegetable glycerin and plant derived food grade edible emulsifiers. This combination differs greatly from any other known alternatives to petroleum jelly. While you may not want to ingest our products,  they are safe for children and infants. Our water-resistant products use high altitude beeswax with propolis and in some cases orange peel wax. We know of at least 2 products that are petroleum free jellies and we have reviewed these to give our customers a clear and accurate comparison.

3rd Rock sources our vegetable glycerin from extracts of the palm plant. Due to it's origins, it is soy and gluten free. Glycerin is clear and odorless. It has a number of valuable applications, for which it was selected to suspend the other ingredients, as opposed to water or oil. Glycerin is a humectant, which means that in addition to having the ability to increase the solubility of active ingredients, it also leaves skin hydrated. In order for vegetable glycerin to be used in food applications (food-grade), it must have of USP grade of over 99% pure. It is non-comedogenic, so it will not clog pores.

While other companies use water or oil, 3rd Rock chooses glycerin. Not just for its numerous benefits seen a, but also because it does a better job than water or oil at keeping skin care products stable. Water and oil requires an emulsifier to be kept stable. Glycerin does not, so there is no need for extra additives. With the alkaline balance, it also won't go rancid.

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