Guerry to Present at Lauded Sunscreen Conference

“Ethical businesses are uplifting the world”
(Laura M. Galera)

3rd Rock Essentials founder Guerry Grune will present at the bi-annual Sunscreen Symposium September 12-14th in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s definitely an honor,” says Grune, who has long known of the juggernaut conference.

Companies such as Coppertone, Banana Boat, and Neutrogena have largely dominated the platform throughout the years, and he sees great opportunity for this to be a breakout event for 3rd Rock.  

“It’s a chance for David to get a seat at the table with Goliath,” Grune says. “And I’m bringing my slingshot with me."

Grune notes that since he conceived of a sunblock made from “ingredients so healthy you can eat ‘em” back in 2003, the perception around skincare has evolved. “People are more aware now,” he says. “People are more informed of their options.”

Acknowledging that the idea of a chemical-free sunscreen was “ahead of its time” sixteen years ago, Grune also states that recent bans of oxybenzone and octinoxate in Hawaii and Key West have elevated the conscientiousness of consumers, for benefit of family members and planet alike.

“Either the big guys didn’t know what I knew, or they were quiet about it,” Grune continues. “I could have made a lot of money if I’d sold out a few years ago, but I am in this heart and soul.”

He acknowledges the time has come for a change in sunblock and skin care in general, a shift away from the chemicals and toxins and toward natural ingredients derived from earth. “In the beginning, yeah, I helped a lot of people but they were mostly friends, family, some colleagues at Duke. And, now, finally you see the masses catching on. It’s exciting.”

 For a preview of Guerry’s presentation at 2019’s Sunscreen Symposium, click here.


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