Hey, the 1800’s Called and Wants its Petroleum Jelly Back

“If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t put it on your body. 
(Dr. Guerry Grune )

All due respect to the health and wellness industry and dermatology at large, but when Petroleum Jelly—a toxic substance discovered in the 1800s at the bottom of oil rigsis still touted as a viable moisturizer3rd Rock balks 

Sure, petroleum’s occlusive properties may keep skin from flaking, but only because it fills pores—not allowing them to “breathe” and preventing them from fulfilling their vital functions of secretion.  

Oh, and Petroleum Jellies are laden with Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHAs) which are not suspected carcinogens but known carcinogens.  

According to the Environmental Working Group, petroleum is in one of every fourteen cosmetic products. Would you put motor oil in your mouth? Or your child’s? Didn’t think so.  

Throw out the Vaseline and check out 3rd Rock’s natural alternative, Nutroleum. Our jelly is simple, made from two ingredients we get straight from plants. Try a jar today. 

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