My Mom...

My Mom...
My mother loved the beach.  Sadly she passed away earlier this year. The cause - melanoma. 

She did use "sunscreen", but sunscreen in the 1960-80's tended to be oil to "enhance" tanning.

I grew up at the beach along side her, but not until the mid 90's did I consider lotions that actually worked.  True, the sunscreens did prevent sunburns for the most part over the past 20 years, BUT I had no idea that the ingredients in most brands contained toxins.

So I made the switch to 3rd Rock in 2014 when I first heard about it. Wonderful lotion.  Feels terrific, effectively blocks UVA rays and won't cause it's own health issues down the road.  

I saw first hand, the effects of melanoma on my mom and I will do everything I can to stay safe in the sun from here on.

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