Nutrasporin Prevents UTI’s in Clinical Setting


Nutrasporin®  has been used since late 2016 in some clinical trials at two assisted care facilities in the state of Washington with great success in eliminating UTI’s – urinary tract infections.  These infections occur mostly for females at or near the urethra and are caused by the fact that urine which is not properly or completely discharged is a spawning ground for infectious bacteria.  For elderly patients with this issue, some of whom are use a catheter, the UTIs can lead to dementia via the “gut-brain-health” connection.  

The reason Nutrsasporin works so effectively is that it is a glycerine and plant based emulsifier gel with cationic silver oxide properties so that is literally bonds with the tissue and will penetrate the cellular tissue rapidly. 

The results of this trial have been astounding.   90% of patients who have been treated with Nutrasporin are UTI free and have also maintained their mental acuity.  Another benefit is the reduced need for these patients to have to use antibiotics.  Many women, in non-clinical settings, have also experienced a reduction of UTI’s using Nutrasporin. 

We fight an “uphill” battle, as the standard remedy for UTIs are antibiotics which only kill a certain strain of bacteria – are much more expensive – and eventually weaken the patient’s immune system.  But this is what most doctors order.  In the case of Nutrasporin®, the product is “bacteria agnostic” meaning it wipes out all strains of infectious bacteria in the same fashion and does not allow certain strains to proliferate.


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