Nutrasporin to the Rescue, My Son’s 2nd Degree Burn

 I came across Nutrasporin from 3rd Rock earlier this year when the product launched.  I was attracted to it because of its natural healing properties.  It worked great on cuts and scratches and even cleared up small psoriasis spots.

Burned skin

Two months ago, my son burned himself when he accidentally touched his arm against the a hot lawn mower exhaust.   Burns are terrible.  They hurt much more than a cut and they take a long time to heal.  I know, I've had my share of them. 

My mother used to put petroleum jelly on burns so the skin would stay moist.  It didn't do much for the healing though.  I had heard of silver topical burn ointments and figured I would try Nutrasporin since it is silver-based.  

I carefully coated the burn with Nutrasporin.  I lightly wrapped it before bed and over the next week applied it three times a day.  After one week there was only a small scab and after two weeks it was gone.  Today, there is not even a scar.  

I was impressed.  After seeing these results, I have to say that Nutrasporin is a must have for all medicine cabinets.  

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