Silver Water for Gut Health

3rd Rock Essentials new “silver water” has been formulated as a health tonic infused with our patented chelated silver oxide complex.  At 150 ppm it is at least 10X more concentrated than the most common colloidal silver products on the market.  Because our distilled water and chelated silver oxide citrate complex is biocompatible, bioavailable, and bio-adsorbable, its effectiveness in destroying infectious bacteria provides immediate benefits when ingested.  The chelation of the silver oxide with amino acids ensures that our silver water has these special properties – which colloidal silver does not.

Gut health is becoming a hot topic with more and more medical professionals who are beginning to more fully understand the importance of the brain -gut health connection, especially regarding the role of infectious bacteria in the gut.  If the gut is unhealthy so is the ability of the brain to function normally. Our silver oxide chelate and distilled water tonic will reduce the unwanted bacteria due to ingestion of contaminated food (food poisoning relief is immediate), exposure to infectious bacteria in the air or water (think traveling – airports - and drinking water in places like Mexico or other less than desirable sanitary locations).

Although it is much more complicated and expensive to make our silver oxide chelate and water tonic than the colloidal silver alternatives, you will understand that our product will perform orders of magnitude better and guarantee your satisfaction or – as with all of our products – a complete refund of your money.


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