Skin Care with Food Grade Edible Ingredients

At 3rd Rock Essentials we know that your skin is your largest organ and that you should not be “feeding” your largest organ with anything that you would not take internally. 

Your skin is a protective sponge and what goes on it will eventually wind up in your urine and blood plasma  - this is proven medical knowledge that most of the personal care formulators never take into consideration. 

The sponge absorbs, but also discharges, toxins (assuming you do not use anti-perspirants that blocks the discharge – often toxic discharge).

That is why 3rd Rock Essentials' formulations meet a “higher’ standard.  We make it simple – if it’s a chemical compound that you would not ordinarily consume – we don’t put it in our products. 

One example, of many, is our use of vegetable glycerine.  It is kosher, “pharma-grade” and is derived from plant and vegetable matter ONLY.  It is not from crude oil – so not petroleum based – and it is the same pure product bakers use to make cookies, cakes, etc. on a daily basis.  It is also a humectant – which means it helps to bring water from the air into your skin as you apply any of our products, including our sunscreens.  

We will, in future articles, update you on this concept so that you can understand what really goes into our choices for making skin care products that “feed your skin” properly:  no toxins, no endocrine disrupters, no soy based components. 

Only nourishing components which you would not hesitate to put in your mouth or perhaps more importantly childrens' mouths. 


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