Study Links Common Sunscreens and Personal Care Products to Breast Cancer

At 3rd Rock, we pride ourselves on combining natural remedies with earth science. Because of things like this: 

A new study out of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Medical Center has shown that chemicals common to many personal care products, including sunscreen and lotions, cause damage to the DNA of breast cells—leading to breast cancer even at low doses. 

That is not cool with us.

That is why we never use those endocrine disrupters that the big guys use. That is why our products are free from any and all toxins and chemicals.

That is why we always use only food-grade edible ingredients ‘Straight from Mother Earth to You.’ 

That is why we love being David in this greedy Goliath world. To keep people and planet free from toxins and chemicals. To keep people and planet healthy, naturally.

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