What does non-nano mean?

Nano refers to anything that is less than 100 nm - which a billionth of a meter.  Most metal oxides used in sunscreen (zinc, silver titanium oxides and the like) are manufactured as powders and are less than 100nm.  The size of one nano meter is to a tennis ball, what a tennis ball is to the planet earth.  That's small!

What is the big deal?

Once the products are made then the issue is whether they small enough to penetrate the skin, get into the blood stream and eventually the urine. 

Why is 3rd Rock SunBlock non-nano?

The zinc oxide used in 3rd Rock SunBlock SPF 35 is 200nm or more to start with.  Then we it chelate it with amino acids (using our patented process) resulting in molecules that are even larger in size than the original 200nm or more. 

Is it environmentally safe?

All of 3rd Rock Essentials' products are 100% all natural and non toxic which means the formula is as gentle to the environment as it is to your skin.  

What about endocrine disruptors? 

When it comes to endocrine disruptors (chemicals that kill skin cells and can damage immune system function) less is more. That's why 3rd Rock, the world's first 100% non-endocrine disrupting, non-toxic sunscreen, lets the immune system do its job like no other formula can. What's more, aromatherapeutic essential oils help strengthen and accelerate the skin's immune response-even in sunlight. This means you enjoy all the benefits of maximum UVA and UVB protection with complete trust that there are no harmful ingredients.

Most conventional sunscreens contain one or more of the following known endocrine disruptors as inactive ingredients: 1. parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, etc) 2. polyethylene glycol and other glycols  3. phenols 4. phytoestrogens 5. shea butter 6. genistein

 Many conventional sunscreens also contain one or more of the following endocrine disruptors as active ingredients: 7. oxybenzone  8. benzophenone-s 9. homosalate 10. 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor 11. octyl methoxycinnamate 12. octyl-dimethyl-PABA

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