UTI Prevention with Nutrasporin

UTI Prevention with Silver

How does Nutrasporin's silver complex prevent bacterial replication?

3rd Rock Essentials chelated silver oxide in Nutrasporin is chelated (chemically bonded) with glycolic acid - an amino acid that bonds with the silver oxide and causes the product to be both bioavailable and bioactive. Other silver oxides are atomic silver oxide particles and usually in the form of colloidal particles (see Sovereign Silver). These particles can pass through the cells but do not attach to the cell walls and "stick" because they are not bioactive or bioavailable.

This "sticking" allows for the silver ions in Nutrasporin to be more effective by orders of magnitude because of the contact time they have with the cells. Infected cells therefore have more contact time with the anti-infection capabilities of the silver ions and can "heal themselves" in this fashion. Colloidal silver is more like Vitamin "C" in that it has antibacterial and antimicrobial activity but it "washes through" the cells and the system much more rapidly and has much less "sticking" capabilities.

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