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3rd Rock Essentials

Tension Release Gel

Tension Release Gel

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3rd Rock Essentials & Intelligent Threads are excited to announce a new line of topical products extending people’s ability to utilize the astonishing new technology of Intelligent Threads proprietary energy infusion with 3rd Rock's amazing blend of clean ingredient magic.

About: Our water-resistant, petroleum free, particle technology infused, tension release gel can be used daily to help support body function in muscular tension release and help improve overall body structure alignment. Our gel is made with love here in the U.S.A. It is non-toxic & cruelty-free.

Suggested Uses: Use every 6 hours as needed. | Apply topically to the back of the neck or problem area. | Use as part of your pre- and post- workout routine. | May also use right before bedtime to help support natural sleep function and recovery.

Ingredients: Kosher USP glycerine, Plant Derived Cetearyl Glucoside/Phosphatidyl choline, High Mountain Beeswax with Propolis, Arnica Montana 1X – 7%

Intelligent Topicals - The first ever technology embedded material that interacts directly with your muscular system to release and relax your muscles allowing for improved overall body structure alignment, mobility, and functionality. Powered by Tension Release Technology ™ | Launched in 2023

Benefits Include:

  • Releases Muscles
  • Increases Circulation
  • Decreases Body Pain associated with structural alignment
  • Highly Increased Rates of Muscle Recovery
  • Improved Flexibility and Mobility
  • Improved REM and Deep Sleep (90% on average)
  • Improvement of Body Structure and Posture
  • Decreased Chance of Soft Tissue Injury (80% less risk of injury)
  • Parasympathetic- Destresses
To learn more about Intelligent Threads and their proprietary Tension Release Technology ™ CLICK HERE
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